Monday, 18 September 2017

Ghost Maths

WALT: Use a calculator with accuracy

I was able to press the correct numbers the second time round when I rewrote the equation. I was able to press the numbers firmly so that the number showed upon the calculator screen. I was able to enter the plus and minus and equal sign when it was needed. I was able to press the equal sign only once so my equation does to double.

Next time I will try to add up the easy numbers like 60 x 4 in my head and not using a calculator. Next time I will try to avoid using the calculator for easy things. Next time when I make a mistake in my calculations I can click CE and then the plus sign to go back to my previous number. Next time I will try  to look at the screen every time I put a number in.

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Mrs P said...

Excellent reflection about how you used your calculator to solve the problem. This will be helpful for intermediate and college. Keep working super hard.