Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Precious McKenzie

Walt :Edit my Precious McKenzie writing independently to identify errors and get my work ready for Book Creator publishing.

I was able to use a dictionary/internet to correct my spelling errors. I was able to find the words that had red lines under them and I went and corrected my spelling mistakes.I was able to make sure I had used capital letters in the right places eg. names, places, beginning of sentences. I was able to use full-stops at the end of my sentences. I was able to re-read my sentences to make sure no words were missed out and my sentences made sense.

Next time I can check and edit my work as soon as I finish one sentence.

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Mrs P said...

Well done taking time to edit your writing before you publish your Precious McKenzie book creator. You could use your editing skills when you are writing reflections on your blog too. Keep up the fantastic writing.